Batch Import Sources

Importing Using Exported Data

The previous chapter discussed how to export data. Importing involves using the exported data.

The method is to enter the Manage Sources command, invoke Actions for any reading source, and perform the following operations:


After copying the exported data into the textarea, use cmd + Enter to save: batch_import_sources

Validation will take some time (mainly due to RSS Link verification), please be patient.


If the import fails, please refer to the documentation (opens in a new tab) for troubleshooting.

Manual Entry for Import

Normally, reading sources are entered through the Add Source form. If you find this cumbersome and want to import in bulk, you can refer to the following type (Question mark represent non-required field). Content written in the textarea needs to conform to Source[] (it must be an array):

export interface Source {
    url: string;
    title: string;
    // default is "everyday"
    schedule?: "everyday" | "custom";
    customDays?: (
        | "Mondy"
        | "Tuesday"
        | "Wednesday"
        | "Thursday"
        | "Friday"
        | "Saturday"
        | "Sunday"
    rssLink?: string;
    // Time span of the content pulled by rss, default is "1", means one day
    timeSpan?: string;
    tags?: string[];
    // favicon url
    favicon?: string;