AI Translate

By default, the title and content of the digest maintain the same language as the original text.

If you have set up AI, you can go to the configuration page and set the Preferred Language form field. The title and content of the digest will automatically be translated into the language you have set:


After configuration, regenerate the digest to see the effect: digest_in_preferred_lang


The reason why the article content matches the language you have set is due to the default Summarize Prompt which contains the {{lang}} variable:

Summarize the content within 50 to 200 characters, excluding any references to author publicity and promotion. The summary should be straightforward and in {{lang}}.

During the summarization execution, {{lang}} will be replaced with the language you have set. If you have customized the prompt, the translation of the content will be based on your prompt.

Next Steps

So far, the digest is generated manually and requires waiting for some time. Is it possible to automatically generate the digest at a fixed time every day and push it to me? Please see the next section.